Focus on empowering enterprises to upgrade their digital intelligence and provide comprehensive and flexible labor solutions

  • Foresight Tech
  • Data-driven
  • Nationwide
  • Biz insight
  • Foresight Tech

    Our company focuses on helping enterprises in digitalization and intellectualization and providing better employment solutions.

    We own more than 10 patented AI technology and software copyrights.

    Cooperated with well-known companies and academic institutions, we unceasingly explore the cutting-edge technology in order to contribute to the development of proprietory smart crowd sourcing platform and big data.

  • Data-driven

    All these data are on-site and real-time.

    We strive to offer analysis based on objective, factual and comprehensive data.

    Make every insight and strategy have resources to track and facts to rely on.

  • Nationwide

    With 682 cities and over 2400 districts and counties covered, we can go every corners of your business.

    We enjoy a database of more than 1.8 million retail outlets, encompassing all kinds of modern and traditional channels, as well as infant & mom, beauty, catering, wholesale, auto repair and other channels.

    over 800,000 registered users, complete tens of millions of data collection tasks every year

  • Biz insight

    Our team is composed of experienced brand sales, as well as experts in marketing, terminal operation and data analysis.

    High-quality data reports and business opinions have been provided to more than 220 clients.

    Meet the various needs of the brand flexibly, and present the most suitable solution

Comprehensive scenario coverage, standardized product delivery, leading technology advantages

More than 220 well-known companies have been provided with solutions of advanced digital intelligence upgradation and employment.

Learn about the latest developments of Xiaoling Technology News and help various industries

Digital intelligence upgrade, from now on

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